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Healthcare is expensive, especially when you are faced with expensive treatment. For many struggling without insurance, costs become an insurmountable barrier for them. So many just live with it -- live with chronic, uncontrolled diseases because they cannot receive necessary care.

At the same time, there are a growing number of healthcare startups who provide evidence based, cost-effective, innovative solutions (for example, computer diagnosis and telemedicine). And they want to do good. However due to funding, they can only cater the wealthy patients. 

At Med Unlock, we begin with the belief that everyone should be able to receive the highest quality of healthcare without worrying about costs and that no community should be left out of the innovation field. 


We connect our patients to these startups and the latest innovations for free. We also help our patients fundraise to cover the costs of seeing a doctor, be seen by a specialist, and getting treated. 

Fundraising Opportunities

So how can we bridge this gap?

How can we provide people who are struggling with finances with the best quality healthcare and access to the best doctors in the world?

Group Discussion


About Med Unlock

Our family is very grateful for Med Unlock and its generous donors. An update on how the donation and support helped: While working with Med Unlock, my grandpa had to get rushed to the emergency room. My grandparents would have been helpless without the donations raised by Med Unlock, as that was the only money readily available. Because of Med Unlock, we were able to afford the doctor's visit, and get him both basic medication (and proper walking sticks)-which will help alleviate pain. He was able to return home after a couple of days.


California, USA

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